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What is permanent Makeup

  • August 15, 2011 2:00 pm

Hello again fabulous ones. Today we will be looking at the topic of Permanent Makeup which is a topic so dear to my heart.

But why so? I hear you say.  Well, simply because I have come across too many clients with badly done permanent Makeup, Eg bad eyebrow tattoo.  Not only is it difficult to rectify if it goes wrong, but as a makeup artist, I like to be in full control of a look I create, and if a client has  badly tattooed brows on, it means I have to either work with badly shaped brows or, I go through the long process of covering it up with makeup and creating a completely different brow shape.

Permanent Makeup can be either one of the best decisions you ever make or the worst.  Therefore if you must have permanent Makeup done then at least do it right.  Go to a Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist as opposed to a Tattoo Artist.  This is your face, you don’t get to choose a new one if anything goes wrong.  In the United Kingdom for example, Tattoo Artists are not licensed to tattoo the face.  Only Licensed “Permanent Makeup” Artists are,  and there is a very good reason for this.

If you have sparse, little or no eyebrow hair or just want to frame your eyes and emphasise your face shape then this Permanent Makeup enhancement is for you. There are many techniques that are used to either give you an eyebrow lift to open up the eye area for a youthful appearance,  recreate non existent eyebrows, simply redefine the shape, or how about a new shape altogether. The end result can be a soft pencilled appearance which is called colour mist brow or hair simulation for a completely natural flawless look.

Example of Semi Permanent Makeup done on both the brows and Eyeliner.


Also known as Micropigmentation, Dermagraphics or Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement.  Permanent Make-up is a revolutionary advanced form of cosmetic tattooing used to infuse hypo-allergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. New advanced techniques result in a long lasting look that is either subtle or dramatic, recreating beautiful brows, and striking eyes or enhanced lips that give your face shape and definition.



Permanent makeup is permanent, it gradually fades over time leaving a residue of colour. This varies from client to client and depends on your skin type, colour of pigment implanted into the skin, age and care of your enhancement e.g. soft neutral colour implanted into the lips will fade faster than a black eyeliner. Therefore a touch up/colour boost is recommended every 12-18 months to maintain the fresh new appearance of your enhancement.


Almost anyone and everyone.  Alopecia suffers who loose their eyebrows and lashes.eg patchy or non existent eyebrows, anyone who finds applying their makeup problematic e.g. arthritis in the fingers, or poor vision. Swimmers, athletes and those who regularly participate in sporting activities. Allergy sufferers who react to makeup, Require correction of asymmetry of facial features. Both for Men and Women who want to look good 24/7


Sophisticated equipment and advanced techniques are used along with topical anaesthetics before and during the treatment to help reduce any discomfort. It’s no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed.


After your treatment the colour of your enhancement will appear 30-40% darker and more intense, gradually fading to your chosen colour within a few days as the pigment settles, the area might also be slightly swollen with mild redness however this lasts for a few hours and varies between each client.


When Permanent Makeup goes wromg, the consequences can be dire. The reasons for wanting semi permanent make up removed can vary from bad work to simply not feeling comfortable with the results.

It is important to understand that most permanent make up can not be removed with lasers. The pigments traditionally used in micro pigmentation will turn black when the laser hits them and you will be left with an even more difficult situation.

This sort of work requires years of experience and the most up to date equipment as well as expertise in healing and scar management. When work is done on the face, there is no room for error.