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Red Smoke

  • May 30, 2012 8:01 pm

Black and Red Smokey Eye

Hi Divas, Hope you are all fabulous, and to my UK Divas, hope you are enjoying this very erratic UK weather.  Yes, i know it’s been a couple of weeks but you know this Diva is extremely busy so please do accept my apologies.

So today I decided to show you how to create a look that is a bit on the edgy side.  We will be looking at a softer version of a somewhat high fashion look which I have titled “Red Smoke”.

The best way I can describe today’s look is a ‘Black Smokey Eye with Red Smoke’.  It is not as intense as it could be as it has been toned down a bit to make it more wearable.  I have also added a twist to it by adding a bit of gold into the inner tear duct area.

Products used in creating this look are:

  • FaceQuizite Artist Pallet
  • Bit*$% Slap cosmetics corrector – Light
  • NYX Eyeshadow – 07 Highlight
  • Barry M loose pigment – No 44
  • MUA Khol Pencil – Black
  • MAC Gel Liner – Black Black
  • Red Cherry Lashes – No 523

To Learn how i created this look then please click on the link below.


Till next time Divas, It’s your girl Grace saying…….. Stay Fabulous……

The Vixen – 1920s Period Makeup with a Twist

  • May 14, 2012 11:35 pm

1920s Period Makeup with my own twist.

Hi Fabulous Divas, This week we will be looking at creating a Cut Crease Eyeshadow Look using Neutral Colours, worn with Bold Red lips and I have titled this look “The Vixen”.  This is a 1920s Period look with my own twist to it – very Dita Von-Teese.

To learn how to recreate this look click on the YouTube link below for a step by step guide.   Also listed below is a list of products used:


Urban Decay Naked Pallet Eyeshadow

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

BS cosmetics Corrector in light (Eyeshadow Base)

NYX Eyeshadow in 07 Highlight

MAC Eyeliner Pencil in Fascinating

Red Cherry Lashes in No 106


Sleek Blusher – Aruba


MAC Lipliner – Cork

MAC Red Lipstick

NARS Red lipgloss

So there you have it my Divas. Till next time, it’s your girl Grace FaceQuizite saying…. “Keep it Fabulous”…. x x x

The Makeup Store – Eyeshadow Review

  • April 2, 2012 2:58 pm

Glitter - Universe

Hey Fabulous ones, you know, i was thinking “it’s been a while since i did a product review for my Divas and that is not acceptable as i want you guys to be on point always” Now, i know you know.  However, i still want to do my bit by keeping you informed of fabulous products out there that compliment all your hard work.

So anyway, the other day, i was in the West end and decided to pop into the MAC store in Soho to pick up a couple of items.  On my way back, just on the corner of Carnaby Street was this shop with a big sign saying “The Makeup Store”.  Of course my curiosity got the better of me and I had to take a look, and oh my God, was I happy I did.  Right in front of me was an array of the most beautiful Eyeshadow colours I had ever seen.  They came in different colours and texures and of course I got so excited and started testing them on the back of my hands.  Needless to say by the time I left the store, i was about £100 out of pocket, but it was money well spent.

The Makeup store had apparently been around for about 3-5 years in the UK and am only just finding out about it????? I mean really????……. Not cool at all.  Anyway, better late than never. So since I made this wonderful discovery, I thought it was only fair I share it with my Divas, especially those like myself who are perherps only hearing about this brand of products for the first time.  On this occasion, I only invested in their eyeshadows even though they have different types of makeup from foundation, to Powders, to eyeliners, Lip glosses etc, we will however be sticking with Eyeshadows today.

So Divas, they have 3 different types of Eyeshadow (and glitter of course) and they are:


Microshadow - Lemon

Their Microshadows come in all nuances and structures and are highly pigmented eyeshadows that produce intense and clear colors. They are of utmost quality and create an eye makeup that lasts the entire day. They can be blended with Mixing Liquid for a waterproof makeup, or can be used as an eyeliner. These can also be used as blush.

Cybershadow - Buzzer

Cybershadow This type of shade is compact and creamier in texture. They are also highly pigmented and rich in pearly pigments. The creamy texture makes the eyeshadow more easily usable and produces perfect results. The lighter tones can act as a highlighter and can also be applied on lips for a shimmery effect.

Eyedust This wonderful loose eyeshadow provides a beautiful shimmer and has many different ways of usage.  For a soft and natural look, apply the dust with a dry brush. For an intense and highly metallic effect, mix a small amount with a damp brush and softly blend onto eyelids. Use an eyeprimer before applying the shadow for a more durable and long lasting effect.

Eyedust - Cocktail

there you have it my Divas.  I will be doing a YouTube Tutorial in the next couple of weeks using some of these Eyeshadows so do watch this space.  However, i have done a Youtube review of some of the eyeshadows to give you an idea of how pigmented these products are.  To view this video, please click on the link below.

Till next time my gorgeous ones, It’s your girl Grace FaceQuizite saying “Stay Fabulous” x x x x

Bright Aqua Eyes for the summer

  • March 21, 2012 3:01 am

Hi Fabulous ones,

As you know spring is here and summer is fast approaching.  So this week we will be looking at how to create beautiful summer Aqua eyes.

Beautiful Aqua Eyes for the Summer

This is a very simple look that is very easy to create.  All you need are the products listed below:

Sleek Eyeshadow Pallet – Original, Sleek Eyeshadow Pallet – Devine, Urban Decay primer potion, Bitch Slap Cosmetics Corrector – Light, MAC Eyeshdadow – Deep Truth, Loreal Chrome Shine – 176, MAC Gel liner – Black Black, Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Pencil – No 10, MAC Eyeshadow Pigment – Naked, Barry M Eyeliner pencil – No 3.

Do watch the video below for instructions on how to recreate this look and feel free to use dupes of the products listed above.

I will be doing a review on handy products for the summer months in the weeks to come so do watch this space

To watch a video on how to recreate this look please click on the link below:

Classic Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

  • March 12, 2012 8:48 pm

Hey Divas,

Today we will be focusing on how to create a Classic Smokey Eye makeup.  This makeup look can be worn both during the day and in the evening. I mean, it’s  Kim Kardashian’s preferred makeup look for a reason. I have had a lot of you ask me how this is done so here is your opportunity to learn.

Below are a list of products used, as well as a video tutorial on how to recreate the look.

Products used are:

Urban Decay Primer Potion, NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean, MAC Eyeshadow in Smut, Makeup Forever Eyeshadow No28, Fashion Fair Eyeshadow in Sable, MAC Eyeshadow in Naked, MAC Gel Liner in Black Black, Makeup Forever Aqua Eyes Eyeliner in No10, MAC Studio fix Fluid NC45, MAC Studio fix Powder C6, MAC Lip liner in Cork, MAC Cherish Lipstick, NARS lipgloss in Chelsea girl, MAC Blusher in Merrily.

Divas, as demonstrated in the video below, you can see that this makeup look is one of the easiest makeup looks to create.  You only need a few eyeshadow colours, and it doesn’t take as long to recreate. However, your blending skills need to be on point when creating this look. colours need to blend into each other without any harsh lines or demarcations visible between each eyeshadow colour.

Now check out the video below and try to recreate this look.  If you are bold enough and think you have done a good job, send me your creation and you might just win a special gift.


Till next time Divas, it’s your girl Grace saying “stay fabulous” x x x x


The Blues

  • March 7, 2012 5:30 pm

Hi Divas, I know it’s been a while, 2.5 months to be precise. However you know this was due to my mum passing away in December so i needed to take some time out.  I am back now and planning some exciting things for 2012.  This year we will be diversifying just a bit and adding Style and Fashion to my blogs so watch this space.

Today it’s all about The Blues….. Please see pictures below

The picture on the right shows you the finished look with the model (moi) looking downwards.

The picture below gives you a side view to enable you see how the colour has been applied to the under eye….

Side view

This is a very strong look which is more suited to going out in the evening. It is a bit strong for wearing in the day, however if you can rock it then i don’t see why not. To learn how to recreate this beautiful look then click on the video tutorial below to watch.

Products used in creating this look are:

MAC studio fix fluid NC45, MAC studio fix powder C6, Urban Decay Primer Potion, NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil – Milk, NYX Trio Eyeshadow – Sexy Babe Eyes, Makeup Forever Eyeshadow – NO 28, MAC Eyeshadow – Deep Truth, MAC Eyeshadow – Silver, MAC Lipstick – Creme Cup, MAC Lipliner – Plum, Nars Lipgloss – Baby Doll, MAC Blush – Merrily, Sleek face contour kit – Medium



Party Season Makeup Tutorial – Christmas 2011

  • December 16, 2011 5:06 pm

My take on the Look of the season.

Hey Divas, compliments of the season to you.  This holiday season, I have decided to not just write an article about the party look for the season, but to also do a makeup tutorial on this look to enable you recreate it if you so choose.  Let’s just say it’s my Christmas gift to you.

So this Christmas, the look is a dark look.  Almost gothic in my opinion, with very dark plum lips, and light/Nude shimmery eyes.  Am talking real dark plum.  However, you can always change this look slightly to make it your own which is exactly what I have done seeing as I don’t like to conform or be told what to do.

The picture on the left is my take on the look of the season, and below is a list of all products used:

Eyes:  NYX Box of Eyeshadows – 112 colours (watch video for exact colours used).

NYX Solo Eyeshadow in Highlight

NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Urban Decay Eyeshadow primer Potion

Lips:   MAC lip Pencil in Currunt

MAC lipstick in Plumful

Blush:  MAC Blush in Desert Rose

Eyebrow:  MAC Pencil in Chestnut

Makeup Forever Eyeshadow in no 28

Lashes:       Makeup Academy lashes (No name)

Brushes:     Sigma “Make me Blush” Brush kit

Click on the link below to view the tutorial on how to recreate this gorgeous makeup look.  Don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe to my channel.


Till next time, it’s your girl Grace FaceQuizite wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and Happy New year in advance…. x o xo

NYX Makeup Review – Eyeshadows

  • September 9, 2011 1:31 pm

NYX solo Eyeshadows

Hi fabulous ones, so it’s been a couple of weeks since my last blog. Well I am working on making that at least every week so please bear with me.  My topic for today is actually a review of what is fast becoming my favourite brand of eyeshadow – “NYX Eyeshadows”.  I will be giving you my view on this product based on my experience of using it, and so far it’s all good.

I stumbled upon the NYX range of cosmetics on one of my travels to the United States.  I was a bit iffy when I saw the

price as I immediately assumed that the products wouldn’t be that great considering how cheap they were.  However, I did a quick swatch test on the back of my hand right there in the shop, and it was “Love at first touch”.  Oh my God!!!!!!!! The texture of these eyeshadows were just so smooth and creamy. Not that dry chalky texture you get from some other brands, and the pigmentation was fantastic.  The NYX Eyeshadow colours have such great colour payoff and needless to say I have been hooked since.  I bought about 10 of the solo pieces there and then, and I haven’t looked back since.

NYX Makeup Artist kit

I recently went onto the NYX website and came across their bigger pallets and of course I just had to buy a couple.  So I purchased the NYX Makeup Artist Kit which included 36 gorgeous eyeshadow colours, 3 sets of contouring /highlighting colours, four Blush colours and 5 lipgloss colours, all of which were humongous in size. See picture below…

I also bought the NYX Box of Eyeshadows 112 Colours.  This is also fabulous with great colour payoff.  The only difference is that the eyeshadow sizes are smaller but still bigger than the ones i have seen in the 120 pro palettes, plus there are 112 Eyeshadow colours in this palette so what’s not to love. See picture below….

Those who know me, know that i am a makeup freak and i will not give my seal of approval to any product i have not yet tried out.  These have been tried and tested and i can confirm they are fabulous products. They are reasonably priced and have great colour payoff.

NYX 112 Eyeshadow Colour Pallet

You can get NYX products from www.nyxcosmetics.com or for those of you living in the UK, www.nyxcosmeticsstore.co.uk .  The only problem is they don’t seem to have these gorgeous pro pallets on the UK website.  They do however sell the trio eyeshadow pallets as well as the 10 colour eyeshadow palettes, and of course the solo eyeshadow colours.

I have done a makeup tutorial on my you tube page http://www.youtube.com/facequiziteusing the  Makeup Artist Kit

Pallet. So go and check it out so you get to see the great colour payoff.  I absolutely love, love, love this palette.  It gets my seal of approval.   I will also be doing a separate youtube review on this product in the next couple of days so please do check out my youtube channel and please subscribe so you can get automatic updates of my video uploads.

NYX Trio Eyeshadow

So till next time, it’s your girl Grace saying – Stay fabulous x


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 A Makeup Tutorial Using NYX Eyeshadow

What is permanent Makeup

  • August 15, 2011 2:00 pm

Hello again fabulous ones. Today we will be looking at the topic of Permanent Makeup which is a topic so dear to my heart.

But why so? I hear you say.  Well, simply because I have come across too many clients with badly done permanent Makeup, Eg bad eyebrow tattoo.  Not only is it difficult to rectify if it goes wrong, but as a makeup artist, I like to be in full control of a look I create, and if a client has  badly tattooed brows on, it means I have to either work with badly shaped brows or, I go through the long process of covering it up with makeup and creating a completely different brow shape.

Permanent Makeup can be either one of the best decisions you ever make or the worst.  Therefore if you must have permanent Makeup done then at least do it right.  Go to a Licensed Permanent Makeup Artist as opposed to a Tattoo Artist.  This is your face, you don’t get to choose a new one if anything goes wrong.  In the United Kingdom for example, Tattoo Artists are not licensed to tattoo the face.  Only Licensed “Permanent Makeup” Artists are,  and there is a very good reason for this.

If you have sparse, little or no eyebrow hair or just want to frame your eyes and emphasise your face shape then this Permanent Makeup enhancement is for you. There are many techniques that are used to either give you an eyebrow lift to open up the eye area for a youthful appearance,  recreate non existent eyebrows, simply redefine the shape, or how about a new shape altogether. The end result can be a soft pencilled appearance which is called colour mist brow or hair simulation for a completely natural flawless look.

Example of Semi Permanent Makeup done on both the brows and Eyeliner.


Also known as Micropigmentation, Dermagraphics or Permanent Cosmetic Enhancement.  Permanent Make-up is a revolutionary advanced form of cosmetic tattooing used to infuse hypo-allergenic pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. New advanced techniques result in a long lasting look that is either subtle or dramatic, recreating beautiful brows, and striking eyes or enhanced lips that give your face shape and definition.



Permanent makeup is permanent, it gradually fades over time leaving a residue of colour. This varies from client to client and depends on your skin type, colour of pigment implanted into the skin, age and care of your enhancement e.g. soft neutral colour implanted into the lips will fade faster than a black eyeliner. Therefore a touch up/colour boost is recommended every 12-18 months to maintain the fresh new appearance of your enhancement.


Almost anyone and everyone.  Alopecia suffers who loose their eyebrows and lashes.eg patchy or non existent eyebrows, anyone who finds applying their makeup problematic e.g. arthritis in the fingers, or poor vision. Swimmers, athletes and those who regularly participate in sporting activities. Allergy sufferers who react to makeup, Require correction of asymmetry of facial features. Both for Men and Women who want to look good 24/7


Sophisticated equipment and advanced techniques are used along with topical anaesthetics before and during the treatment to help reduce any discomfort. It’s no more painful than having your eyebrows tweezed.


After your treatment the colour of your enhancement will appear 30-40% darker and more intense, gradually fading to your chosen colour within a few days as the pigment settles, the area might also be slightly swollen with mild redness however this lasts for a few hours and varies between each client.


When Permanent Makeup goes wromg, the consequences can be dire. The reasons for wanting semi permanent make up removed can vary from bad work to simply not feeling comfortable with the results.

It is important to understand that most permanent make up can not be removed with lasers. The pigments traditionally used in micro pigmentation will turn black when the laser hits them and you will be left with an even more difficult situation.

This sort of work requires years of experience and the most up to date equipment as well as expertise in healing and scar management. When work is done on the face, there is no room for error.


Red lipsticks – How to wear it

  • February 23, 2011 6:16 pm

Hi beautiful ones, and welcome to another edition of “ASK GRACE FACEQUIZITE”.  This week we will be looking at how to wear red lipstick.  “Why red lipstick” I hear you say.  This is because red lipstick is the trickiest of all lipstick colours.  It can make you look exquisite if you get it right, but it can also make you look like a clown if you get it wrong, and as a result most of us are a little bit hesitant when it comes to wearing red lipstick.  Hopefully, this article will help you become more confident in wearing this unique shade of lipstick.

According to Terry Barber, Director of Makeup Artistry at MAC, “Red lipstick is the stiletto heel of make-up” In other words, it’s instant sexiness. It is a slick of glamour in a tube.  And ladies, you’d better get used to it, as next season Red is back in the fashion spotlight once more.

‘Pure red lipstick is a classic and there are women who wouldn’t wear anything else as it makes them stand out in a crowd. It makes you the centre of attention so you had better get it right otherwise you will stand out for the wrong reason.

Preparing your lips

There are four steps you should observe before applying red lipstick:

  1. Exfoliate by buffing away any dead skin from the lips using a specific lip exfoliating cream or brush gently with a toothbrush.’
  2. Moisturise with a balm such as Clinique’s Superbalm Lip Treatment and then blot away any excess.
  3. Use a Primer on the lips to make a more even surface. (This step is not compulsory but helps).
  4. Line your lips with a lip liner to ensure the lipstick doesn’t ‘bleed’ into the skin above and below the mouth.  This is all before the colour goes on.

Choosing the correct Shade of Red for your skin tone

When wearing red lipstick, keep the rest of your make-up neutral, and avoid lip gloss on top of red lipstick. When choosing colours, a general rule is that Orangey Reds work for everyone, and Pinker Reds suit darker skin tones. Beware of red lipsticks if your teeth are on the yellow side, some Bluey reds can make the teeth appear less white.

If you still feel choosing the correct shade of Red lipstick is a bit cumbersome for you, then go to the store with a friend for a second opinion or seek the advice of an in-store makeup artist.

Tip 1 – Red lips look best when worn with neutral colours on the eye.  This is not to say you can’t have a strong eye makeup look with red lips but try and keep the shades within the neutral family if possible.  Eg black, grey, charcoal, Brown, Beige etc as this makes the red lips stand out.

Tip 2 – Red lips on a nude face is a powerful statement on it’s own so tone down the blusher to avoid looking like a clown.

Tip 3 - If you’ve bought a red lipstick shade that’s too bright, dark or whatever, don’t throw it away. Instead, experiment with other lipstick shades you have on hand to create the perfect shade of red.

And there you have it ladies, hope you find this article useful.

Till next time, it’s your girl Grace FaceQuizite saying, Stay Fabulous……